Or at least, why I think we see him as one.
Determining who deserves our attention may be crucial to getting everything
RMP 107: Is Gender Dysphoria Being Faked?Listen now (33 min) | With all of our new challenges and resistance to ways to live as human beings....are things being taken advantage of? In the dark…
Are we moved against our natural character by fear?
RMP 106: SOLO/How Important is Self Awareness?Listen now (44 min) | Just some ranting thoughts on self awareness and what it means for our individuality. What do you think? How crucial has it been…
Could our belief about how we’ll change the world be the very thing stealing it from us?
Are we sabotaging connections, or are we just expecting to find the White Rose?
RMP 105: SOLO/Are We Questioning Depth of Our Life Intentions?Listen now (10 min) | Come on in, and be sure to leave us feedback on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts! Want…
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